Often times in football (soccer), we can lead with emotions. We can get caught up in our subjective perception of the moment and consciously or subconsciously make subpar decisions. In other words, we use our subjective perception to be our truth “objective reference”.

It helps us overcome some significant human limitations relating to observation and memory

It becomes clear that we can benefit from investing in collecting data, filming and analyzing video then using the information to make clearer and better decisions. Sometimes we forget how our memory can deceive us, often times we forget 60% of the information obtained just 3 days after it happened. Therefore, the more data and film we can collect, the more objective we will keep our insight.

Provides us with a more complete and accurate understanding of team and individual performance

Not only will the information be clearer to us as coaches but also will allow a visual aid to players, without getting caught up in the emotion of the actual time occurrence dealing with all the external factors. We often forget that most people learn better through utilizing visuals, film can be a crucial part of the players understanding.

Improves the quality of feedback that we can provide to our players and coaching staff

Being able to engage and understand the “modern player” is key to creating a strong bond with your group. Recognizing almost every aspect of a young person’s life is digitalized to a certain degree plays into the idea of the benefit of digitalizing the “training ground”. Players will be able to better visualize and understand their performance limiting personal bias

Engages players in their own development, improving retention of information and understanding

Overall, the importance in a second eye to your coaching through performance analysis can provide major benefits. Whether you’re a grassroots coach or coaching at the professional level, integrating some sort of performance analysis to your program can help you make better decisions and act as an engaging learning tool for your players.