FootyFive’s curriculum focuses around 1v1 Dribbling Domination, Passing Distribution, 1 st Touch Receiving, Finishing &
Ball Control. Players can start from which ever they choose and feel comfortable with. Level 1 is recommended for players
in their first 1-3 years of development. Level 5 (final level) would be recommended for older high-level youth players and
college/professional competency.

1v1 Domination enables players to create opportunities out of nothing

From the start of a player’s development focus must be placed on dribbling competency and eventual 1v1
domination. Player’s that have the confidence and the skill to efficiently beat an opposition player in a 1v1 situation have
a huge advantage over other players. FootyFive offers players elite training guidance in dribbling penetration, quick
adjustments, combinations, back to goal techniques and creating separation movements.

Effective Distribution can unlock areas weakness in the opposition

For any player on the pitch, no matter what position, having the ability to successfully pick out a player wherever
they are on the pitch can provide your team a huge advantage and severely cause problems for the opposition.
FootyFive offers players elite training guidance with passing essentials, long range distribution and creative passing.

1 st Touch Receiving opens up more space on the pitch resulting in better execution

The difference between a player being able to receive a pass with their first touch as opposed to having to take multiple
touches is massive, especially as you reach higher levels. It gives players more time and space with the ball which will
allow for better decisions and overall execution. FootyFive offers players elite training guidance with receiving turns and 1 st
touch combination play.

Mastering Ball Control creates a more confident player that can express creativity

Mastering the ball can help break down mental barriers and lift the player to new confidence levels. FootyFive offers
players elite training guidance through aerial control, stabilization, juggling, tight touches and much more skills that will help
bring out the creativity in any player.