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Welcome to the Personal Soccer Coach Blog. We would like to start this journey by applauding the work of everyone in the football (soccer) community including players, coaches, parents, administrators, and everyone else in between. Great resilience was shown and has led to continued development during these unprecedented times. Innovating the way we train, compete, and engage throughout the football community.

Resilient players will never fail. They might lose and learn, but they will never stop trying.

In efforts to continue development through lockdown, many players took on individual training. Whether they trained alone, with their families, or a private coach, they benefited from a different type of training that they may not have been exposed to before. FootyFive’s mission was to empower, engage and motivate players to continue their development with the FootyFive Virtual Training Program.

Collective team training will typically span only two to three hours weekly, while often depriving participants of the opportunity to focus on individual technical training. This leaves gaps in the soccer player’s development. The opportunity for players to have time on the ball to develop ‘organic’ technique, which typically came from children playing street soccer back in the day, is crucial for the individuals development. FootyFive looks to help players with an expert training curriculum (UEFA coach developed) that is engaging, easy to follow and motivating. FootyFive will focus on individual training which is crucial for a player’s development and therefore address the points below.

  • For high performance players looking to improve their game – As you begin to aim your goals higher and your level increases, the margins to success become smaller. The benefits of working with an expert across targeted and specific areas of your game can result in significant improvement.
  • Learn and master new techniques – Truly technical soccer training is often over looked in team training, either due to a lack of field time or because it can be tedious for the coach, yet it is a vital part of a soccer player’s makeup. Individual soccer practice is essential for mastering skills that can be difficult to hone when only practiced in a game situation. Learning 1v1 skills, ball control, first touch, passing and finishing are essential to any successful player.
  • Build confidence in a football player – Soccer is as much of a mental game as it is a physical one. Confidence plays a crucial role in the success of a soccer player and that is where 1on1 soccer training can play a defining role. Training in a player focused positive environment can really help to break down mental barriers and lift the player to new confidence levels.

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